{Trailer Reveal} Endless by Kaylene Winter #ComingSoon #Trailer


I am so excited to share the amazing trailer with you for Endless by Kaylene Winter!

📺 Watch the gorgeous trailer here


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She ripped out my heart...

My only dream is to escape my abusive childhood.

Leading Less Than Zero to the top of the charts is my ticket out.

Until Zoey Pearson gives me a new dream.

And passion beyond anything I thought possible.

Nothing prepared me for it to end. Abruptly. Definitively.

My songs of heartbreak have made LTZ the biggest band in the universe.

But nothing I do can make me forget her...

I let him go so he could follow his dreams...

My love of music led me to Ty.

He's a gorgeous, sweet rocker who was made just for me.

The man he trusts most asked me to let him go.

So I did and I'm having a hard time living with my decision.

Now he’s the hottest rock star in the world

Because of chart-topping songs that eviscerate me.

Ty's changed, he's immersed in a life of excess and debauchery.

I don't recognize the man I can't stop loving...

When fate throws us together eight years later, fireworks are explosive.

But our hearts are still fragile.

Will Ty forgive Zoey for shattering his heart?

Or will his past bad deeds come back to destroy her?

ENDLESS is a steamy, complicated, angsty, rollercoaster, delicious second chance romance...

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