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{Sale Promotion} Who Is Sarah Randall by Gail Haris #Sale #99Cents

Start the Randall’s Series TODAY!

Book One, Who Is Sarah Randall by Author Gail Haris

is ONLY 99¢!!!


Everything she knew was a lie…

Her mother. Her abductor.

After her beloved mother passes away, Olivia discovers a box filled with secrets that shatters everything she thought she knew.

The woman who raised her, with love and kindness, was never who she claimed to be. The truth thrusts Olivia into a new town with strangers who claim to be her rightful family.

Torn from all she’s ever known, Olivia hunts to find who she truly is in the midst of this topsy-turvy mystery. While forbidden to contact her abductor's relatives, there is one caring and compassionate boy that may be able to help her uncover her hidden truth.

There’s one problem - he’s her abductor’s nephew.

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