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{Sale} Love Song by Faye Madden #FREE #NowFree

• • • ABOUT THE BOOK • • •

Catherine is a driven woman who has it all. Success, money and fame. She’s at the top of her game as a guitar/piano playing singer/songwriter based in Nashville. Supported and encouraged by her grandmother who teaches music and who raised her as an orphan, she had only one ambition in her life, to make it as a music star. But success has come at a price, and that price is loneliness.

It’s only when she returns to the small coastal town in Maine of Bluff Bay where she was raised on the death of her beloved grandmother, she realizes how much she has changed and to question whether her success has been worth it?

Reunited with her friend Max she discovers he has been carrying a torch for her since childhood. But can she give up her life for love? Does she find the happiness she now seeks? And can Max find the words he is desperate to say?

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