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{Release Blast} Misdeeds of a Billionaire by Eva Winners #NowAvailable #NewRelease

饾檭饾櫈饾櫒 饾櫑饾櫔饾櫋饾櫄饾櫒 饾櫀饾櫑饾櫄 饾櫃饾櫀饾櫍饾櫆饾櫄饾櫑饾櫎饾櫔饾櫒 饾櫅饾櫎饾櫑 饾櫌饾櫘 饾櫇饾櫄饾櫀饾櫑饾櫓鈥

Misdeeds of a Billionaire, Book Two in the Billionaire Kings Series by Author Eva Winners is 饾棓饾棭饾棓饾棞饾棢饾棓饾棔饾棢饾棙 饾棥饾棦饾棯!

路路 饾悁饾悂饾悗饾悢饾悡 饾悡饾悋饾悇 饾悂饾悗饾悗饾悐 路路

饾檲饾櫘 饾櫎饾櫍饾櫄-饾櫍饾櫈饾櫆饾櫇饾櫓 饾櫒饾櫓饾櫀饾櫍饾櫃.

饾樇 饾櫑饾櫔饾櫓饾櫇饾櫋饾櫄饾櫒饾櫒 饾櫁饾櫀饾櫒饾櫓饾櫀饾櫑饾櫃.

饾樇 饾櫇饾櫄饾櫀饾櫑饾櫓饾櫋饾櫄饾櫒饾櫒 饾櫁饾櫈饾櫋饾櫋饾櫈饾櫎饾櫍饾櫀饾櫈饾櫑饾櫄.

The man who ruled his empire with a cold head and an even colder heart. And most importantly, my son鈥檚 father. Except, he wasn鈥檛 aware of that little fact. To the media, Byron Ashford is a Billionaire King. To me, he鈥檚 a reminder of the hottest, most forbidden, night of my life. And my biggest mistake.

I hadn鈥檛 seen him in years and 饾櫇饾櫎饾櫏饾櫄饾櫃 饾櫖饾櫄鈥欚潤 饾櫍饾櫄饾櫕饾櫄饾櫑 饾櫂饾櫑饾櫎饾櫒饾櫒 饾櫏饾櫀饾櫓饾櫇饾櫒 饾櫀饾櫆饾櫀饾櫈饾櫍.

But then, my best-laid plans always seem to go astray. Now, I need his help to bail me out of trouble. He鈥檚 a billionaire and I鈥檓 just a broke, debt-riddled surgeon.

Against my better judgment, I sought him out. It should have been easy, in and out. Except, nothing with Byron Ashford was ever easy. He refuses to hand out free favors. And the price for his help?

饾棤饾槅 饾棾饾椏饾棽饾棽饾棻饾椉饾椇. 饾棢饾椂饾榿饾棽饾椏饾棶饾椆饾椆饾槅.

He wants to shackle me to him with a marriage I don鈥檛 want then throw away the key.

His demands are scandalous. 饾檭饾櫈饾櫒 饾櫑饾櫔饾櫋饾櫄饾櫒 饾櫀饾櫑饾櫄 饾櫃饾櫀饾櫍饾櫆饾櫄饾櫑饾櫎饾櫔饾櫒 饾櫅饾櫎饾櫑 饾櫌饾櫘 饾櫇饾櫄饾櫀饾櫑饾櫓.

It was supposed to be a mutually beneficial deal, but nothing about Byron is ever that simple. Once he slips the ring onto my finger, the rules change.

His demands grow. He no longer just wants to own my body. He also wants my heart and soul. But I鈥檓 not that young, naive woman anymore.

Too bad this billionaire forgot one thing. 饾棥饾椉饾棷饾椉饾棻饾槅 饾棸饾棶饾椈 饾椉饾槃饾椈 饾槅饾椉饾槀饾椏 饾椀饾棽饾棶饾椏饾榿 饾槀饾椈饾椆饾棽饾榾饾榾 饾槅饾椉饾槀 饾棿饾椂饾槂饾棽 饾椂饾榿 饾棾饾椏饾棽饾棽饾椆饾槅.

And this time, I鈥檓 not blinded by his smile and especially not by his lies.


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