4SS ebook cover.jpg


Release: JUNE 20
Genre: Urban Fantasy/ Paranormal Romance
Series: Of Myth & Man
Tour: June 20 - 22

Captured. Shackled and powerless.
I was imprisoned on a remote estate, a wolf stationed as my guard.
I’d nearly given up hope of escape until the beast became a man.
A glimmer of hope surged to life upon his unexpected transformation.
Hope of escape.
Hope of revenge.
Because men are malleable. Predictable.
And this one’s going to set me free, he just doesn’t know it yet.
I’ve been ordered to watch her. To ensure she doesn’t escape.
But I’m torn.
She holds the key to something I want.
Something outside of her cozy prison.
I never thought I’d be disloyal to the man who saved my life, but I need answers.
She thinks she can escape me once we’re outside these walls.
But without her magic, she’s no match for me.
Once I get the answers I seek, she’s going right back in her cage.
Where she belongs.