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Release Date:  June 12, 2024
Promotional Tour Dates:  June 12-14th, 2024
Genre:  Mafia Romance
Series:  Moretti Malice Series, Book #1

Captured/stranded together

Forced proximity—one bed

Enemies cooperating to survive

A devious bet

Nursing him to health

Badass heroine



Stranded in the frozen Canadian wilderness with Shae fucking Byrne.

I’m not sure which part is worse.

It’s her fault we’re here, after all.

I should want to strangle her.

Instead, my fantasies have warped from murderous to something infinitely more dangerous.

More seductive.

I don’t want to kill Shae Byrne.

I want to possess her—to own every piece of her.

As the new boss of the Moretti family, I shouldn’t even look in her direction.

Anything between us would be an impossibility back home.

But out here in the Arctic North, there are no rules.



Arrogant men like Renzo Donati are the reason I usually date women.

Yet, of all the people in the world I could be trapped with,

Fate has bound me to Renzo.

We need one another to survive.

That should be the extent of it.

But when his hard body wraps around mine at night to stave off the cold,

Survival is the last thing on my mind.

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