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Can't Touch This, Pepper Winters (1).png


Series: Cherry Popping Daddies, Book #1

Release Date: July 25th

Release Promotion Date: July 25-27th

Genre: Steamy Rom Com

Series & #: Standalone


Small Town, Opposites Attract, He Falls First, Alpha with Puppy Vibes, Cinnamon Roll, Banter, Sexting, Animals, Sweet, Swoony, Steamy, Spicy, Strong FMC, Eager MC, Fluffy & Funny, Standalone, Sweet with a Dirty Edge, Dirty Talker, Confident MC, LOL Dates, Disastrous, Hilarious Moments, Caring, Kind, and Hilarious.


A grumpy vet, a murderous marmalade cat, and a ridiculously hot guy who rescues dogs for a living…


My plan was simple: move to this small town, open a vet clinic with my bestie, and save as many animals as I could. But then he walked in and ruined everything.

Ryder Carson.

The man who thinks he can boss me around the minute he has a whimpering dog in his arms.

I mean…he’s not wrong.

If an animal is in pain, I’ll do anything I can. But I draw the line at humans.

We clash in all the wrong ways, and most days, he makes me want to neuter him.

But then one night, he brings in two little rescues, and I’m too sick to treat them.

He steals my car keys, grabs me like I’m an abandoned kitten in need of a hug, and takes me home—unwillingly, I might add.

I call it a kidnapping.

He calls it a rescue.

He likes to do that, you see.

And now that he’s ‘rescued me’, he’s demanding payback.

One date.

A single date to see if the sparks between us can set us on fire.

Apparently, if I behave myself on this date, I can touch the very thing I face planted into the first day he appeared in my surgery cradling a sausage dog.

Don’t judge me. If you saw him hugging that little wiener, you would’ve stumbled into his pants too—accidentally of course.

But now I have permission.

An open invitation to see if this handsome, broody alpha is actually hiding a puppy dog heart beneath all that dangerous bite…

Can’t Touch This is a standalone enemies-to-lovers romcom full of cheesy one-liners about sausage-shaped appendages, a grumpy OCD vet just trying to help, and a serial rescuer who decides she’s his next project. There might also be a mistaken identity as her naked cousin, a date involving a balaclava, and a pigmy pig called Hippo. Basically, if you want to laugh and swoon but also fan yourself from the spice smoking off the steamy pages…read this book.

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