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Cover Reveal: July 12, 2023

Release: August 24, 2023

Tour: August 24 - 26, 2023
Genre: Dark Romance
Series: Mastermind I

Tags: Mafia princess x hitman, Age-gap, Stalker, Dark romance, Possessive hero, Strong heroine

She was divinity, he was her cultist.


When Ekaterina Kalashnikova witnessed two men being murdered, she never could've imagined the culprit would become her worst nightmare.

Ekaterina lived her life, filled with men that thrived in the dark, yet none of them struck her quite like Davorin.

After all, when they first met, it resulted in an inevitable clash of their worlds. So magnetic, intense and compelling.

And before she knew it, her life was filled with only him. 

A masked man with serpentine eyes, secrets, and an obsession.

With coincidences continuing to pile on top of one another, his obsession fuels her ardor, and soon she begins to realize that she wants him maybe more than she should.

After all, a coincidence took a whole lot of planning.

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