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Release: September 22, 2022
Genre: YA Fantasy
Tour Dates: September 22 - 24, 2022

Tags: Retelling, Love Triangle, Action Packed, Young Adult, Historical Fantasy Fiction

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As a Syphon and a princess, I was meant to rule the Kingdom of D’Land with healing hands, but I have only brought death. A foolish dalliance in romance with my betrothed led to my mother’s demise and the arrival of a Leech who took the crown with subterfuge and a corruption of the Syphon ability to influence emotion. With my father in foreign lands and my cruel stepmother enacting harsh punishment and unreasonable laws upon my impoverished people, I had only one choice. To flee. But not into oblivion. No. Into the Band of Brothers, who work in secret, plotting to overthrow the new queen. 

I, Princess Andrua, became Dru, a young outlaw … and a lad to most. But some, including Hawkin, my closest companion among the Brothers, know of my femininity. His secret glances aren’t half as confusing as encountering my betrothed, Prince Edward, while guised as a bandit after his treasures. Now, I fear my identity may rear its head and destroy all I have built toward reclaiming my kingdom. Should word carry that the lost princess lurks in Death Valley, my new family and all I hold dear will never find refuge from the evil Leech queen’s all-consuming greed and thirst for others’ demise. Will our kingdom fall to her iron grip and perish, or can the Band of Brothers, my betrothed, and I rise and reclaim what is rightfully ours?