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Cover Reveal Date: September 15, 2023

Release Date: October 6, 2023

Release Promotion Dates: October 6 - 8, 2023

Genre: Dark Romance

Tropes: Forbidden, Age Gap, Intense, Spicy, MFM

We made a deal with the devil many years ago and sentenced ourselves to a life of hookups and casual sex. 

It’s not safe for us to bring a woman into our lives, and until recently it was enough. 

But then we met her. 

Our Angel. 

On the outside Leighton’s a good girl forced to live a life as a pawn in a game she didn’t choose to play. 

But on the inside? 

On the inside she’s the missing piece of our puzzle.

There’s a million reasons we shouldn’t want her. 

We’re eighteen years her senior. 

She’s the police commissioners daughter. 

We work with the most infamous criminals in the city. 

She’s too innocent for our proclivities. 

But none of that matters, because the moment she stepped foot through the door of The Scarlet Lounge, she became ours. 

When our worlds collide, can we keep her safe? Or will we lose her to the people who vowed to protect her?


Content Warning: This book contains violence, elements of BDSM, domestic violence, kidnapping, attempted SA and other themes which readers may find distressing. Reader’s discretion should be applied.

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