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Paul Sutton Bourbon® is a namesake bourbon produced by our family for seven generations.

Our bottled in bond bourbon whiskey uses a sweet mash process. Our grains are from locally owned and operated family farms. This is how our family has made bourbon whiskey for over 100 years and we are continuing that family tradition today.


Paul Sutton Bourbon® is a handcrafted bourbon made from our family’s century old mash recipe. Distilled in a traditional 18-inch column still, it’s then meticulously aged in charred oak barrels to create a rich, sweet pour.

We’re proud to use the highest quality of sustainable glass in our custom bottle. The words Family and Reserve are deeply carved into the sides of the bottle along with our family bourbon’s monogram. Seven consecutive cuts on the back of the bottle symbolize seven generations of passion, tradition and legacy®.



Seven generations of our family have had a hand in bringing our bourbon to your glass. Column distilled in small batches using tried and true methods, our Family Reserve is our Great Grandaddy’s bourbon. Generations later, we are still using locally sourced grains, a sweet mash process, and the same barrelling and storage methods, which ultimately results in the same quality bourbon.

Every hand labeled bottle of Paul Sutton Bourbon calls you home.

CO-Founder/Owner of Paul Sutton Bourbon, Myra Barginear:

Myra Barginear, MD, is the co-founder and CEO of Paul Sutton Bourbon®. Although her family made bourbon for over 100 years, she was the first to bring Paul Sutton Bourbon® to the commercial market.

A background in chemistry and a love of family, science and bourbon, inspired Myra and her husband, Paul, to revitalize the family’s mash recipe. In 2013, reverse engineering techniques confirmed her family's century old mash recipe, and subsequently Paul Sutton Bourbon® was established. The annual production of hundreds of barrels of the family's century old mash recipe and harvest of grains from local, family- owned farms authenticates their passion, patience, and commitment to their family's legacy.

Myra became the first woman to co-found and lead a solely owned and operated family distilled spirits company and was named a leading "Woman of Whiskey" by Forbes magazine. Her mission is to produce the highest quality bourbon whiskey and ensure her family’s traditions live on through the legacy of Paul Sutton Bourbon®.

Paul Sutton Bourbon® sets the new standard for grain-to-glass bourbon whiskey. Named "Top 50 Whiskey"in the world by the International Spirits Competition and awarded "Gold"at San Francisco's Spirits Competition, Paul Sutton Bourbon® is gaining national attention as one of America’s best craft bourbon whiskeys.

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