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Series: Boston Syndicate Series, Book Two

Author: Kate Randall

Genre: Mafia Romance

Release Date: June 27

Tour: June 27-29, 2024

Tropes: Mafia romance, Rival families, Bodyguard romance, Revenge, Secret identity, Touch her and die


Nothing can stop me from claiming my vengeance. Not even the daughter of the man I intend to destroy.



My existence means nothing more to my heartless father than what my marriage can do to strengthen the empire he’s built on blood and pain.


There’s no hope for me to have a life of my own, until my father’s fortune takes a turn for the worse.

 But my brother thinks he can use me in his rise to power, and I have no choice but to obey.


Or so I thought.


When the man tasked to protect me from our enemies throws me the lifeline I’ve been desperate for since I was a young girl, I grip it tightly with both hands.


But the man whose blue eyes captivated me from the moment I met him has secrets that could destroy us all.

 When I discover who Luca truly is, I have to decide if my white knight is the savior I always envisioned or the villain in this this twisted tale.


I came to Boston for revenge and placed myself next to the man responsible for the murder of my parents.

Everything was going according to plan, until one night shook the foundation of the family I was set to ruin.

Now her brother has his own plans for the little Mafia princess I’ve been ordered to protect from their family’s enemies.

Little does anyone know, the real enemy has been sleeping under their roof this entire time.

Giada’s brother has signed a marriage contract that will no doubt extinguish the fire I’ve come to crave in her amber eyes.

When she runs to me desperate for an escape, I can’t find it in my blackened heart to turn her away.

 But first she’ll have to accept who I am, and who my family really is. 

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