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Series: Boston Syndicate Series, Book One

Author: Kate Randall

Genre: Mafia Romance

Release Date: April 18, 2024

Tour: April 18-20th, 2024

Tropes: Mafia Romance, Arranged Marriage, Rival Families, Forced Proximity, Enemies to Lovers, Touch her and die, Morally Gray MMC, Headstrong FMC

Her father was my enemy, and now she’s my bride.


I was born into one of the most powerful Mafia families on the East Coast. Unfortunately, being a girl meant my future was never my own.

Our rivals are weakened, and now is the time to strengthen our numbers and form powerful alliances, meaning I’m being married off to the callous and brazen head of the Irish Mob.

Every time he tries to charm me with that devilish smirk, I can’t decide if I want to kiss him or smack it off his gorgeous face.

He assumes he’s getting a demure princess who was raised to defer to her husband at every turn.

Oh, the fun I’ll have proving him wrong.


There’s been a power shift in Boston, and the head of a rival family wants to strike a bargain to ensure the destruction of our mutual enemy.

And he’s offered his daughter in marriage to seal the deal.

No one prepared me for the stunning hellion with a razor-sharp tongue in that delectable mouth of hers. And I sure as hell never thought one brush of her soft lips would haunt my every waking moment.

It’s no secret the cold Mafia princess would rather be anywhere other than at my side and likes to contradict me at every turn. Unfortunately for her, I’ve never met a challenge I didn’t face with relentless determination, and I’m not about to start now.

But my wife has enemies of her own.

When a dangerous man from her past slithers out of the shadows, I’ll prove just how ruthless I become when someone threatens what’s mine

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