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Series: Twisted Intentions, #2
Release: February 7, 2023

Tour: February 7 - 9, 2023
Genre: MC Romance/ Reverse Harem
Tagline: Reverse Harem, Why Choose Romance, Motorcycle Club, Mistaken Identity Romance

I’m not who they think I am—and my life depends on making them believe it.

How does a woman without so much as a speeding ticket find herself taken hostage by a biker gang with a vicious grudge? 

Ask the twin sister I never knew I had.

Staying squeaky-clean has always worked for me, and I love the life I’ve built—but evidently my sister can’t say the same, and her choices have led the Road Raiders MC straight to my door.

Being dragged into their world is a total shock to my system, but I can’t deny the connection I feel with Axton, Dante, and Maverick. I see through their rocky exterior, and part of me wants to explore what’s between us, if only I can convince them of my true identity.

Unless they kill me before I get the chance...

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