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ebook cover Drawn to the Past.jpg


Release: October 31, 2023
Genre: Mystery Romance / Paranormal Romance
Tags: Detective hero, psychic-medium heroine, psychic romance, murder mystery, ghosts, mystery romance

The romantic tension sizzles when a psychic/medium teams up with a homicide detective to solve a murder mystery.  Evelyn Sinclair is a famous Windy City artist, but she has a secret: she communicates with ghosts through her dreams.  

When Detective Leo Ricci, her sizzling hot boyfriend, gets amnesia, their future together hangs in the balance. Together, they must fight to regain his memories and confront a deadly vendetta from the past. 

To catch a killer, Evelyn must use her paranormal skills to collect clues from ghosts, while Leo relies on his training as a Chicago P.D. detective to solve the murder mystery.

Will their love be strong enough to keep them together, or will the ghosts haunting them tear them apart?

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