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{Trailer Reveal} #NYGirl by A.M. Brooks #ComingSoon #Trailer

📺 Watch the gorgeous trailer here:



I’ve seen danger, witnessed death, and watched as my best friends fought to overcome their own fears for the women they love. Always putting the job first.

Oaklynn was never part of my plan.

She’s the light to my darkness.

I tried my hardest to protect her from this life, to keep her thoughts about me pure.

One summer was all it took to destroy us.

Now as fall moves in, our lives are moving in different directions. My own selfish need to keep the two halves of me separate has clashed. The fallout may be more than I can handle.

Rogue is closing in on the ones who threaten all we hold dear.

This is my only chance, I just hope Oaklynn can forgive me when it’s all over.


I didn’t think I’d fall in love. The concept almost seemed too cliche for me. Until I met Kai.

The mysterious guy who’s voice I knew before I ever saw his face.

Butterflies and glitter.

That is what having him in my life became. A complete fairytale.

One summer was all it took to destroy us.

My best friend is in danger and the people she has been hiding with are being hunted.

Throw in a serial killer and things just get messier.

I could have handled it, if I’d known the truth.

Fall is the season of change and new beginnings. Maybe that means it’s time for us to move on.

How can I ever forgive, when I don’t even know what the truth is?

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