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Title: Black Wave

Series: Forged Hearts, Book #1

Author: L. Renee Richard

Genre: Dark Mafia Romance

Promotion Date: June 28, 2024

Tour: June 28 - 30th, 2024

Tropes: First Love, Second Chance,  Revenge Plot,  Multicultural,  Protective MC

Emma’s story—


He saw me. He had me. But he won’t break me.


What should have been the beginning of my life felt more like a death sentence–an all-encompassing blackness. Evie, my twin sister and best friend, is no longer here. Now alone, I’ve become as dark as the man who tries to imprison me. Julian. He thinks he is all I have left in this world.


His to toy with.

To manipulate.

To fear.


But that woman died along with her family that night, and a stronger woman rose from those battered waves, breathing in a newfound purpose–to take revenge and reclaim my life.

I am waiting on a black wave, biding my time, until a powerful wave rises in the aftermath of a storm, unexpectedly leaving casualties in its wake, ensuring I will once again be free.

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