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Solemn Vow eBook Copy.jpg


Release Date:  April 19, 2024
Promotional Tour Dates:  April 19-21st, 2024
Genre:  Mafia Romance
Series:   Sacred Obsession, Book #2
Tropes: Mafia Romance, Possessive Hero, Reluctant Love, Overprotective Hero, He fell first

She’s being blackmailed.

And she’s lying about it.

Ordinarily, I’d turn a blind eye. But it’s her. And I won’t let any darkness touch her.

I give her chance after chance to come clean and accept my protection, but she resists me at every turn. Her relentless defiance only intensifies my insatiable hunger for her.

As a Russian mafia crime boss, I don’t accept disobedience.  It’s a lesson she will learn again and again until she accepts her fate.

I seal our bond with this vow.

I will make her mine.

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