A Sweet Nothing Offical Cover.jpg


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tags: second chance romance, friends to lovers, with a touch of suspense and a motorcycle club

Cover Reveal: March 31
Release Date: May 5
Tour Dates: May 5-7

You never forget your first love.

Tatum Ivers tried, but memories of Kellen Bishop remain. Long nights under the stars. Rides on his bike. But when he broke her ex-boyfriends jaw and was jailed, Kellen destroyed everything they shared by telling Tatum it was over. They were nothing. A sweet nothing, but still nothing. Tatum ran, changing her name and everything she was to escape her obsessive ex and forget the boy who broke her heart.

Kellen has regrets, but losing Tatum is his biggest. Four years later, two behind bars, and he still misses her wit, her laugh, and the way she felt pressed to him on his bike. But with no response to his continued messages or updates to her missing persons file, Kellen fears the worst. Tatum is gone, and he’ll never forgive himself for pushing her away.

After an unexpected run-in gives them a second chance, everything changes. Kellen refuses to waste the opportunity, but Tatum is slow to trust, and when the ex she ran from learns she’s alive and returns for vengeance, she and Kellen must confront everything that tore them apart the first time…
Before it rips them apart for good.