Release: April 7, 2022
Genre: Steamy Romance
Series: The Ones Series, Book 1
Tags: #thegoodone #katerandallauthor #steamyromance #indieromance #romancebooks
Tour: April 7-9

It's her job to find the truth and his job to protect his family. Sparks fly, but his secrets threaten to destroy them.

Being a busy reporter, I have no time for men or dating, always chasing the next lead. When I’m tasked with interviewing Donovan Hayes I assume he’s going to be just another puff piece that looks good in a three-piece suit. I couldn’t have been more wrong. He ignites a passion in me that I didn’t know existed and didn’t realize I needed. I’ve worked hard to be taken seriously. Will being with him destroy my reputation and possibly end my career?

I have two goals. One, winning this election. Two, keeping my family from public scandal. It’s all going according to plan until I meet Kasey, a reporter with lips I want to lose myself in. She’s a distraction I don’t need but can’t stay away from. The fire between us is undeniable and unstoppable. When secrets surface can I trust she isn’t using me for a story? Is the destruction of my career the stepping stone in hers?