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Pyth Cover.jpg


Release: April 25, 2023

Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

Series: Anguis Defender Series, Book #4

Left for dead in a clandestine Earth prison, Pyth felt utterly abandoned. His hatred for humans is the only thing keeping him alive, though just barely. He seizes the opportunity to break free and finally get revenge. Escaping Earth is another story. Injured, with nowhere to go, Pyth is forced to take refuge in a bubbly human child’s playhouse. Except, where there are children, there are also adults. 

Victoria needs a superhero. Being a single mom, with a psycho ex-husband, while running her family farm, is exhausting on a good day. The camouflaged alien she discovers hiding in the backyard isn’t exactly who she had in mind. She’s terrified by the savage alien’s claws and razor-sharp spikes protruding through his skin, that rattles like an enraged cobra. Not to mention other daunting body parts. If it weren’t for her daughter’s plea to help him, she’d instantly call the authorities. 

Forsaken, battered, and bruised, trust doesn’t come easy for Pyth or Victoria, but love and desire have a funny way of overcoming a universe of differences and healing a world of hurts.

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