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Release: May 23, 2022
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Enemies to lovers, action adventure, Arthurian legends, human gifted powers
Tour: May 23 - 25



He’s a savage Fae, and I am Druid—two races at war with one another.

I have every reason to hate him.

To fear and loath him.


But fate brought us together.


He is the very last man on earth that I should want.

Yet, I find myself needing him in ways I never thought I’d need a man.





I have known nothing but survival for centuries.

Until I met Cat.


She made me remember what it is to live—gentle and innocent when I am harsh and unforgiving.

Now that I’ve tasted her sweetness, there’s no turning back.


If I had any honor left, I’d stay away from her.

But Cat is mine, and I will do anything to keep her.


I would kill for her.

I would die for her.