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Cover Reveal: September 15, 2023
Release Date:  October 6, 2023
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Series: Wyoming Blues Series, Book #5
Tropes: Enemies to lovers; opposites attract; hero to the rescue; happily ever after; steamy contemporary romance; feisty and strong heroine; multi-cultural


How does that saying go? Just when you’re not looking for it, it falls into your lap? How

about when you’re never looking for it and it smashes into you?

So it was with Divya.

Flashes of her curvy body wink at me through the wall of suits. Her voice tugs at me. Her

thickly lashed dark eyes dazzle me. And then her mind steamrolls over me.

And what do I do?

Instead of swooping in, I cover her with sugar and donut crumbs; splash tea all over her

silk shirt and wait patiently while she kicks me to the curb. From there it’s all down hill

for me. Almost getting hit in the head with a sugar container she throws at me and I want


How about opposites attract?

She’s a woman so not my type yet made just for me. She makes me want things I didn’t

know I craved.

She doesn’t care a fig about my billionaire playboy status, which is actually my private

mode. Professionally, I’m a hugely successful oil tycoon planning to take Sheridan

Energy to new heights. My worlds collided when in fact I was never on her radar.

So I had to pounce.



He’s a lollipop: seduction at the heart and of no nutritional value whatsoever. Men like

him ignore not just my kind. He snaps his fingers and they fall at his feet.

But damn if he isn’t irresistible and gorgeous. I’d demolish the walls I’ve built around me

myself to get to him.

Years ago, he was my saviour. He’d seen me then. Then he was gone. And here he is

again, his intense blue gaze on my short self.

Lucas Sheridan is back in my life again. I don’t resist for he’s not one for permanency.

Monogamy and commitment are Greek to him. Silly me. Didn’t know he has a classical

education. Whatever that means. So joke is on me.


He’ll be on his way to destroying my planet soon. And I’ll be doing my best to putting it

back together.

I stand up to him and don’t run. One quick glance at the gold tipped chestnut hair teasing

his shoulders and the stud in his ear twinkling at me and I’m done. I meet his smoldering

blues as they linger over me, his devastating smile destroying me the second it hits me.

There’s no doubt this is going to happen. But it will be short. And fast.

Once and done.

For that’s who he is. And what I’m not.

Perfect combo!

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