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Cover Reveal: October 16, 2023

Release Day: November 21, 2023

Release Tour: November 21 - 23, 2023

Series: Dark Water, book #4

Genre: Romantic/Suspense

Tropes: Military Romance, A Ghost Returns, Heartache,  Angst, Adventure, Truth Revealed, Questions Answered

Major Ty Beckett 


A ghost returned with one of our own. 

A rescue has been made.


Ivy and I fight to stay strong while the team leans on one another and goodbyes are laid to rest. 

Missing pieces to an old puzzle form a picture that will send a shockwave through the house. 


I return for one last mission on familiar ground to bring justice to light. 

Then I focus on one of the biggest fights Blackstone will ever face.


We call in every favor we are owed because it’s time for revenge.

Eric Noah 


I am a ghost with a recognizable face racing to cross the border unseen.


Once on home soil, I’m met with confusion and doubt.

There’s a lot to explain.


I gather information and continue to watch those who feared me.

Secrets spill as tempers rise and the truths start to surface.


I can’t change the past, but I can help mend the future.

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