Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tags: Friends to benefits, friends to lovers, steamy, age gap

Release Date: June 13
Tour Dates: June 13 - 15
Review copies will be available

My wedding photography business is everything to me.
I’m the heart of it all—no freelancers, no assistants. It’s just me.
But when it comes to taking care of my personal business, I call Zach.
Zach, my friend with lots of benefits.
Zach who’d never want a relationship. Same as me.
Or at least I thought I didn’t want a relationship. Back before I got to know him.
Before I noticed how my heart beats twice as fast when he’s around.
But what will happen to my life’s work if I go after what my heart wants?

Every new client I sign, every successful negotiation, every contract I close, speaks to my success. It’s a proof that the hours I put into starting my law firm paid off.
Even at the expense of having a relationship.
Not that I need one. Not when I have Laura.
All she wants from me is a quick screw and an even quicker goodbye.
The only problem is…I don’t want quick from her. Not anymore.
I want long days and nights. I want forever.
But is it even possible to have love and keep up with the demands of my career?