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Cover Reveal: October 20
Trailer Reveal: January 24
Release: TBA
Genre: New Adult, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary with aspects of Reverse Harem and Organized Crime
Series: Illicit Brotherhood
Tour: TBA

I promised myself sophomore year of college was going to be the year I truly let myself experience life. I never imagined that mindset would lead me down this dark, dangerous path.
Directly into the Illicit Brotherhood.
I’m brought into a world filled with the perfect mixture of danger and pleasure.
Maybe that’s why I find him so intoxicating.
When my quiet life erupts into chaos, and loyalty is tested, I’m left wondering if he will choose me or the Brotherhood?

Broken alliances.
Being a part of the Illicit Brotherhood we’re trained to be prepared for anything. Our college experience is a study in torture and a degree in murder. Loyalty over everything. We’re supposed to protect our own, but when she comes into our world, she may be my one exception.
I only wonder when she finds out who I really am, will she choose me or destroy me?

Death is coming. No one is Safe.