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Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tags: Love at first sight, He falls first, Workplace romance

Cover Reveal: October 12, 2022
Release Date: November 17, 2022
Tour Dates: November 17 - 19, 2022
Review copies will be available

Not everyone gets to live out their dreams...right?

I know I’m not talented enough to succeed as a writer.

That’s the one thing I learned from my past.

So, I let my manuscript languish and became a marketing manager for a publishing house. I’m…content. Mostly.  

But Kyle thinks I deserve more.  

As an agent, he’s relentless. He says I have the light it takes to become a writer. 

He wants to draw me from the shadows and help me

chase my literary dreams. But that’s not all he wants.

See, Kyle wants me.

The scary part? I want him, too.

But how can I be with him when I don’t know if he loves me as I am, or for what I could be?

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