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Genre: Mafia Romance

Tags: Arranged marriage, Enemies to lovers, Mafia romance
Release Date: April 22
Tour Dates: April 22-24

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My life was planned from the moment I was born. I am to marry for my family, to cement old alliances and create new ones. I know I have no say in who will be standing at the end of the aisle, but I didn’t expect my father to sell me to a monster. Kane Fraser is known for his cruelty and his coldness. In a few weeks’ time he will become my husband and will have complete control over my life.


The last thing I want is a wife, but my family needs me to do my duty and I will do anything to protect my siblings. Elena is nothing like I envisaged. She’s brash, loud and able to take care of herself. From the moment I put that ring on her finger, I knew this would be a match made in hell, but this is a situation neither of us can escape.
Until death do us part is just a saying, but when someone targets my wife I have to put our differences aside and protect her life. She is a Fraser and no one touches what’s mine.