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Release Date: April 25, 2023

Release Promotion: April 25 - 27, 2023

Genre: Hate to Love New Adult Romance
Series: Elites of Eastview High #2

Review copies will be available of Book 1 & 2



Two years ago, I broke her.

A year ago, she broke us.


Ever since that day two years ago, I was a shadow of my own self. Everyone saw me as the funny jokester, the life of the party. No one knew the truth hiding behind thick walls of sarcasm and jokes. 

Not even my best friends.

I thought I could hide from reality if I didn’t say it out loud, but when I finally broke down confessing the darkest secret weighing me down, I could no longer escape the truth. 

I still cared for her. I still wanted her. 

Despite every fibre in my body hating her.

After all the pain, suffering and hurt we’ve put each other through, she remained my one true love.

But in our game of love, where she expected me to Buy-In by changing my behaviour and actions, there was no folding. 

If I was serious about her, I had to see it through.

Till the very end.

Otherwise, I would lose the greatest games of all.

Her love.

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