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Obsessive Union e-book.jpg


Release: December 8, 2022
Genre: Mafia Romance
Series: Made Series, Book #9

Review copies will be available

The moment he met her he knew she was different… He never expected her to become his obsession.

Gabriella Sanchez has lived her life in the shadows. Being born as a product of an affair, Gabby spent most of her life without her father. He provided everything for her…except his time.

Alessio Bianchi has always been seen as the youngest of the Bianchi’s. The screw up. The little kid. 

On a job for his brother, Alessio finds himself in trouble. He never expected to have the beautiful brunette save him from near death.

Gabriella knew the moment she saw Alessio that he was trouble, she didn’t understand the true extent of it until it was too late. The moment she discovered that Alessio had left her with more than just a heartbreak, she ran.

Alessio became obsessed. He searched for his woman for four years. He wasn’t going to let her go. 

When he finally gets her back in his life, he vows to keep her there.

However, their lives aren’t smooth sailing and when enemies start to crawl out of the woodwork, Alessio has to do everything he can in order to save the woman he loves and their son.

Can Alessio uncover who’s out to get them or will he lose everyone he loves to the hands of the unknown enemy?

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