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Release: May 10, 2022
Genre: New Adult Urban Fantasy
Series: The Shadow Atlas, Book #1
Tour: May 10

Dark magic always comes with a price…


Desperate for a cure for her Shadow Magic that’s spiraling out of control, eighteen-year-old Azalea Sharp steps into the hidden forest deep within the English countryside.

What she finds is the opposite, a way to control magic, and from an unlikely source—her dead father. But she must be willing to pay the price and raise him from the dead.

With her father’s enemies on her doorstep, she is driven into hiding among a secret community of Mages in the Tower of London. There, Azalea quickly learns that not all magic is equal.

But with more than her own life at stake, will the help of a notorious Shadow Mage be enough?

Or will darkness unleash its brutal force on London, leaving no one safe?