Release: February 6
Genre: New Adult Dark Romance
Series: Captive Writings Series
Tags: bully, prison, revenge, intense, steamy
Tour: February 7-9


In order to protect you, I needed to lose you—to give you up. For years I’ve been tormented knowing another man is touching you, earning moans from you that should be mine, and knowing you love him for it. In order for this to work though, I must wait my turn.

But now I’m back, Dolly, and I’m coming for you. Remember the games we played in high school? We’re all grown up now, so this round will be on an entirely new level, and I hope you’re ready. I’ll steal your happiness, and then when you’re alone with nothing and no one, I’ll steal you. After all, it’s fair, don’t you think?

You think I’m the monster, when all I’ve ever done is defend you from the true villain. And this time is no different.

Ready? Set… Go.

Ruthlessly yours,

Ruthless Letters is the first book in the Captive Writings series, which must be read in order. Ruthless Letters is a grey bully romance with content some readers may find triggering. Trigger warnings include dubious consent, explicit sexual content, bullying, physical violence, spanking, anal sex, swearing, manipulation, humiliation, reference to rape, and reference to murder. This series gets darker with each passing book.