Sweet Redemption Peel Away.png


Cover Reveal: September 20, 2021
Release: October 21, 2021
Genre: Contemporary sweet and wholesome romance
Series: Second in the Bluff Bay series
Tags: Romantic, Charming, Sweet, Wholesome and Uplifting
Tour: October 21 - 23

ne glorious summer together. After ten years apart, can their broken hearts be mended?
Drew Tyler resents the path he was forced to take. Now a highly successful plastic surgeon to the Hollywood elite, he still can’t forgive his father for making him dump his college sweetheart. But after returning home to help his dad’s struggling medical practice, he’s blindsided by unresolved feelings when he sets eyes on the gorgeous woman whose heart he broke…
Cecilia Beckett knows she married on the rebound. And after her husband’s tragic death, she feels emptier than ever. So when the only man she’s truly loved returns to town and charms her four-year-old daughter, all the grief from that shocking betrayal comes flooding back.
As Drew becomes entangled with the small town’s affairs, he realizes how superficial his own success is… and how much he yearns for the lovely widow’s embrace. And though Cecilia finds herself falling all over again, she fears giving in to her tortured heart’s desires could expose her little girl to an all-too-familiar world of hurt.
Will the star-crossed couple put their hopes on the line for another chance at forever?
Sweet Redemption is the delightful second book in the Bluff Bay contemporary romance series. If you like wholesome courtships, heartwarming characters, and true-to-life plights, then you’ll adore Faye Madden’s joyful story.