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Legally Bound Ebook.jpg


Cover Reveal: January 30, 2023

Release Date: March 8, 2023

Tour Dates: March 8-10, 2023

Series: Masters of Marquis #5

Author: Golden Angel

Genre: BDSM Romance

Tags: Lawyer romance, Domme romance, male submissive, BDSM romance, BDSM club romance

Their desire is real, but it's going on trial...

After one unforgettable night with the Domme of his dreams, Freddy knows he wants more. Camille is beautiful, bold, and the right amount of bossy. She also wants more from Freddy, too. But before the pair can reconnect at the club, they find each other in the last place either expect: at the negotiating table of a nasty divorce case, representing opposing clients. 

Legally bound to put their clients' interests first, Freddy and Camille must resist the temptation of their undeniable chemistry before it derails their careers. Pitted against each other by their very different clients, these two high-powered attorneys will struggle to make it to the end of the divorce with their desire unharmed. Can they navigate the mess they've made, or will the case for more nights at the club get dismissed? 

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